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Brief Overview of
Adjective Checker Tool

The adjective finder tool is a software-based online web application that can find and fix all types of writing errors related to adjectives and their types. It is a feature-rich software tool that offers a large range of other features and capabilities to improve the quality of your writing. The main purposes of an online adjective finder include:

  • Checking all types of misuses of adjectives and their types in your writing
  • Providing the corrective options to remove those mistakes and to make your paper error-free
  • Detecting and fixing other types of grammatical mistakes in your essay to enhance the quality of your paper
  • Making your writings free from any kind of plagiarized content
  • Helping you to detect the effectiveness of your papers to establish desirable engagement with the targeted audience
  • Achieving the desired objectives of your writing with full potential
  • Developing good editing, proofreading, and grammatical skills in online users of our adjectives finder
  • And much more

Who May Benefit from Our Adjective Finder Tool Online?

Our adjectives identifier online software is designed to be beneficial for almost all types of writing and writers across the domains of industries. The most important roles that can benefit from our online adjective detector the most include:



All classes, types, grades, and fields of students, especially those who use English as a foreign language (EFL), can benefit from our adjective sentence checker application the most by making their essays, papers, research, thesis, dissertations, and other writings much easier through instant correction, multiple checks, freemium subscription, plagiarism detection, spelling and punctuation corrections, tone detection, learning option, and other reasons.



They can benefit in two ways – checking the work submitted by the students for grading and checking their own presentations, lectures, exam papers, tests, mockups, research, student tasks, and much more. They reduce the burden of manual checking, editing, proofreading, and quality enhancement of their content without compromising on the quality of work. Teachers can benefit from plagiarized content detection capability in reputed writings.



Time, quality, writing standards, heading styles, and error-free content in news reports, creative stories, technical reports, or any other field are very important. If any of these issues remain in the reports of the journalists, they will lose their reputation and will have to pay the price in this competitive work environment. Our online tool makes their job easier by automatic detection and correction of all those issues instantly to meet all requirements of a journalist.



Our online adjective checker application makes the writing process much easier for all traditional writers such as columnists, prose writers, project managers, technical writers, book creators, newspaper editors, essay writers, and others by reducing the time, technique, and money required in different processes such as editing, proofreading, error corrections, plagiarism detection, tone and effectiveness settings, referencing styling, checking citations and other writing-related activities.



This category covers all those writers that have limited writing assignments based on the technical roles in their respective fields such as digital marketers, advertisers, engineers, doctors, managers, salesmen, and others. These people use different writing such as emails, letters, project reports, progress reports, market research, and others, which may contain writing issues and errors. Our online tool can help them remove all writing issues to make their writing process easier.

Common Adjective Errors in Writings That Our Adjective Identifier Can Detect

An adjective is one of the most important components of the English language that is used in different forms, formats, and situations governed by certain rules, norms, and standards. A few of them are used without following any standard rule; they are known as irregular uses. This becomes very complex for the writers, especially students and those who use English as a second language (ESL). The most common mistakes that occur while writing include:

Misuse of comparative degree

Normally, writers fail to use comparative degree in the correct method such as:

Incorrect: John is stronger from Jack.

Correct: John is stronger than Jack.

Error related to a superlative degree

Superlative degree of an adjective is used in the way that the “of” follows it to show the correct meaning.

Incorrect: Canada is the largest countries than all others in North America.

Correct: Canada is the largest country of all others in North America.

Misuses of regular and irregular degrees

Another common mistake in writing is the use of irregular degrees instead of regular ones and vice versa.

Incorrect: Winds along with rain made life more tough.

Correct: Winds along with rain made life tougher.

How to Find Adjectives in a Sentence Online?

Finding adjectives in the text is a bit complex task that requires expertise in grammar and writing rules. The two most common rules with their respective sub-rules to detect the adjectives in writings are explained here:

Position-Based Adjective Identification

There are different rules to identify adjectives based on their positions such as:

  • Any word that qualifies or expresses the quality of a noun is adjective

Example: The green mango was sour.

  • Any word that follows the nouns to describe it is also an adjective.

Example: Michael, bold and strong, would walk through streets at night.

  • A word that follows the verb to express the condition of nouns or pronouns is an adjective.

Example: She looks so pretty.

  • A word that has been used in the sentence to make a comparison between two nouns or pronouns is an adjective.

Example: Camel is taller than a horse.

Word Suffix Adjective Identification

Adjectives can be formed from verbs, nouns, and other adjectives by adding certain suffixes to that particular word. A few suffix-based adjective identifications are shown in the following classes.

  • Any word that ends with the suffixes such as -ful, -some, -less, -ous, -ive, -ic, -able, -ish, and others are most probably adjectives.

Example: He owns helpful nature.

Example: Jack is a very handsome guy.

Example: This doctor has an impressive track record.

  • The degrees of adjectives, especially superlative and comparative are identified by –est and –er suffixes.

Example: He is smarter than him.

Example: Amazon is the longest river in the world.

  • Normally multi-syllable adjectives are converted into comparative and superlative degrees by adding “more” and “most” before them respectively

Example: Switzerland is more beautiful than Malaysia.  

Example: Anne is the most gorgeous lady in the college.

  • Irregular adjectives are those that don’t follow any one of the above rules such as good, ill, little, bad, and others.

Example: Raymond is good at providing support to students.

Example: Drug addiction is bad for health.

An online adjective finder in a sentence is the easiest and most effective way for fixing errors related to different types of adjectives. It offers numerous benefits over the other methods such as:

  • Instant results with unlimited checks
  • Available for round clock accessible from across the globe
  • It is free to use in the basic version
  • A highly feature-rich tool that offers numerous additional capabilities
  • Provides you with the options for continual editing skill development
  • And much more

How to Use Our Adjective Finder in a Sentence Online?

Using our online adjective finder app is very easy, simple, and very intuitive to use in just a few steps, such as:

  • Copy and paste the text into the widget of our web application
  • Our tool will analyze your text thoroughly and come up with the results and solutions instantly
  • Choose the correct option in place of an adjective mistake. You are done!

Note: You can also download the Google Chrome extension for automated text checking.

What Is the Easiest Way of Adjective Finder in Text?

Major Benefits of Using an
Adjective Checker Online

Using our professional-grade adjective finder calculator offers a range of benefits to writers of all kinds and cadres across the industries such as:

Substantial time-saving

Our online tool is very fast in analyzing and processing your text for finding out adjective errors. The turnaround time is just a few seconds. Thus, you save substantial time that you need to proofread and edit your document manually. You can accomplish your writing tasks in a very short time to meet the toughest deadlines easily.

Higher-level accuracy

Another very crucial benefit of using our online adjective checker is the greater level of accuracy. Our software uses natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and professional feedback from grammaticians and linguists, and domain experts to produce the most reliable results that you can trust with full confidence.

Considerable money-saving

The basic version of our online adjective checker platform is free of charge with unlimited access. Students and other writers with limited budgets can save substantial money on editing and proofreading services. The premium subscription comes with a wide range of advanced features and capabilities with very affordable monthly as well as yearly plans.

Greater availability

You can access our online platform round the clock at any time without any interruption because we offer 99% uptime. You don’t need to wait in long queues to get your turn. It is always available to access through a supported web browser from anywhere across the entire globe. Greater availability will never let you down to miss your deadlines at all

Comprehensive writing solution

Our adjective checker online platform offers a unified solution for writers that include adjective mistake correction, grammatical mistake detection, spelling and punctuation rectifications, plagiarized text detection, tone and effectiveness finding, and much more. Thus, you get an end-to-end text editing and proofreading solution under one single roof.

If you are looking for a highly reliable online tool to fix adjective mistakes in your text, try our specialized adjective finder online tool now!